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Here we will explore important topics related to Astronomy and try to provide you with more information with updates and tips relevant to our Stargazing Tour. We look forward to bringing the wonder of the night sky to Southwest Florida!


Humanity has looked to the sky at night as long as we've walked the earth. Countless generations of individuals watched and wondered trying to glean what secrets it held. What were the stars? What were the purpose? How did it affect life on earth? How were the Sun and Moon related? 
Without having the benefit of the knowledge that came through discoverers such as Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, and more, they were left with more questions than answers. Indeed, after hundreds of years of discoveries, we find there are many questions remaining and more, which is why our universe is so fascinating. The beauty of observing space from earth is that anyone can do it! Many interesting objects can be found with the naked eye, just like the ancients. Many more are within easy reach of a good pair of binoculars. Here at Starry Night Florida, we are excited to provide you a window to the heavens, a vehicle, to begin your night sky journey of discovery!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Stargazing Tour. 

We are here to enlighten, educate, and entertain. 


All the best wishes in 2023!


Jason Grauberger

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Jason Grauberger

Originally from Colorado, Jason relocated to Florida over 10 years ago, and together with his wife, reside in sunny Southwest Florida. A lifelong astronomy devotee, he draws inspiration from his unwaivering enthusiasm for the stars and the boundless unknown of space. He takes a personal interest in teaching others about the wonders of the Night Sky and telling stories about humanity's quest for celestial knowledge. 

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