The Summer is upon us!

As we move into July, the weather is hot, steamy, and we are ready here at Starry Night Florida!

Come experience the wonder of the summer evening sky with us as we point our telescope to special summer-only highlights.

We have a limited window now to view Mars and Venus, which will dip down in the west soon. After which we will not be able to see 

them on our tour in the evening sky until June/July 2024 (Venus) and Jan 2025 (Mars). 

Summertime highlights include the center of our Milky Way galaxy, the Summer Triangle, and numerous deep sky objects. 

Top objects include Globular Cluster M13, the Ring Nebula M57, the Albiero double star, and selected objects in the Virgo Cluster.

Viewing some of these deep objects will be dependent on the viewing conditions and moon phase of a particular night.

We have tour spots available for select weekend evenings all summer long.

Please call for more information. We offer easy cancellation or rescheduling should the summer storms not cooperate.


Happy Viewing Everyone!



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Your Guide

Jason Grauberger

Originally from Colorado, Jason relocated to Florida over 10 years ago, and together with his wife, reside in sunny Southwest Florida. A lifelong astronomy devotee, he draws inspiration from his unwaivering enthusiasm for the stars and the boundless unknown of space. He takes a personal interest in teaching others about the wonders of the Night Sky and telling stories about humanity's quest for celestial knowledge. 

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