Spring Equinox


Greetings Stargazers!

It is that time of year again for the Spring or Vernal Equinox which was precisely at 11:06pm on March 19th. The official start of Astronomical Spring began!

The Equinox is that time of year in our yearly orbit around the Sun when our axial tilt is aligned so that both north and south hemispheres of the Earth will receive equal levels of daylight.

Please remember if you book our tour that our start time will begin later at 8:00 or 8:30pm.

Looking forward into Spring, we are hopeful that the El Nino conditions this winter will continue to subside, allowing some of the cloudiness to dissipate. We still have an excellent view of our largest planet Jupiter and it’s four prominent moons. Orion is still very prominent in the sky and always a showstopper. On darker nights without the Moon, we have a chance of seeing some deeper sky targets such as star clusters and nebulae. Looking to the East Leo is very prominent and quickly followed by Virgo.

Please check with us if you have any questions about your upcoming tour!

Looking forward to touring the Night Sky with you here at Starry Night Florida!

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Jason Grauberger

Originally from Colorado, Jason relocated to Florida over 10 years ago, and together with his wife, reside in sunny Southwest Florida. A lifelong astronomy devotee, he draws inspiration from his unwaivering enthusiasm for the stars and the boundless unknown of space. He takes a personal interest in teaching others about the wonders of the Night Sky and telling stories about humanity's quest for celestial knowledge. 

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