Welcome to Autumn!

Our Fall program is now in full swing!

The evenings are cooling and the storms are starting to recede. We are looking forward to a busy upcoming winter season with a plethora of exciting things to see in the evening sky!


Saturn is now high in the sky and is truly a showstopper with the beautiful rings clearly visible through telescopes. Soon, Jupiter will rise in the east during our evening stargazing tours along with it's 4 largest moons, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa. Pegasus is rising higher and higher while in the western sky we can still see the summer triangle. This month is our last chance to see Sagittarius up in the southwestern sky where the center of our galaxy is located. There is a wealth of interesting star systems and deep sky object to observe. 

We are currently accepting reservations through the end of the year and beyond, so lock in your tour date now! 

We are now open for Fall and Winter Tours!
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Your Guide

Jason Grauberger

Originally from Colorado, Jason relocated to Florida over 10 years ago, and together with his wife, reside in sunny Southwest Florida. A lifelong astronomy devotee, he draws inspiration from his unwaivering enthusiasm for the stars and the boundless unknown of space. He takes a personal interest in teaching others about the wonders of the Night Sky and telling stories about humanity's quest for celestial knowledge. 

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